Bateria Green Cell A1547 do Apple iPad Air 2 A1566 A1567

Reference TAB16

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Opis: Capacity: 7300 mAh,Voltage: 3.7V,Cells technology: Li-Poly,Type: Zamiennik,Warranty: 12 months,Cells manufacturer: Green Cell,Condition: Brand new,Type: Li-Polymer,Colour: Black,Overdischarge protection: Yes,Overcharge protection: Yes,The possibility of return: Up to 30 days,Product code: TAB16,Manufacturer: Green Cell,Seria: Polymer Lista kompatybilności: Apple iPad Air 2,Apple iPad Air 2 A1566,Apple iPad Air 2 A1567,Apple iPad Air 2 MGKL2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MGKM2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MGL12LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MGLW2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MGTX2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MGTY2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH0W2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH1J2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2M2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2N2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2P2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2U2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2V2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH2W2LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH312LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH322LL/A,Apple iPad Air 2 MH332LL/A,A1547